The full-aged CADS 18 is better than ever!



CADS 18 was released on 30/05/2018.
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CADS Electric 18


The tool of professionals, CADS continues to improve with every version. Over the years new characteristics have been constantly added by listening to the users, following the environmental change requirements, discovering and developing by ourselves.

And as it develops, the usability of CADS keeps improving - ever more. The logic of functions becomes more consistent and the interfaces with other systems more advanced. All this together means that the designer's everyday work becomes more reasonable and the working day more interesting, as the routines become easier, allowing to focus on what is most important in the work.

The overall objective in developing CADS 18 was to make something good even better.  And we did it. CADS 18 is in every aspect a faster, more usable tool that is more fun to use than its predecessor. In short – we are proud of it.