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Baltic Workboats

We design special-purpose work boats at the company Baltic Workboats AS. To date we have prepared electrical design documentation for several different types of vessels: towing vessels, catamarans, patrol and pilot boats, and for one smaller category ferryboat. The ships of Baltic Workboats AS are being used by the border guards, police and other governmental agencies of several European countries, and also in private enterprises.

We have used CADS Electric software for years for preparing installation drawings, arrangement of centres and circuit diagrams as well as automation design solutions. The greatest advantage of CADS software is the fact that it covers all the fields necessary for electrical engineering. In addition, I consider very important the possibility to have a say and share one’s ideas in the development of CADS software. Since CADS is already widely used in Estonia, it is much easier for us to cooperate with other electrical engineering companies where this software is also used.

Baltic Workboats
Marek Müürisepp
Electrical and automation designer
Baltic Workboats AS