The designer's role is developing and growing

At this time the construction processes and the overall business culture are changing perhaps faster than ever. Planning is made more and more simultaneously with building. It is a flexible way to design, but also very challenging. Reactions must be made more quickly, and the quality of the design should not deteriorate.

Granlund, the leading building engineering design office in Finland, has come to cooperate with Kymdata in order to make design tools better to meet the needs of the changing world. "Kymdata has an active software development and willingness to take the matter forward - that's why we wanted to develop software together with them. The dialogue between software developer and software designer is very useful for both," says Granlund’s Matti Urjo, Senior Engineering Manager for Electrical Engineering. He mentions cropping tools as an example of a joint development work. They help designers manage their purchasing packages. "Today, the construction project can include tens of different purchasing packages. Automated cropping tool - which targets the work to the right package - reduces the slow and laborious work. "

Urjo tells us that the use of CADS software has increased in Granlund all the time. "In some of our regional companies CADS is one of the main tools for electrical design. And development cooperation with Kymdata is to be continued. Cad software development is a long-term effort - it requires commitment on both sides."



Granlund Oy, Matti Urjo
Matti Urjo
Leading Speacialist
Granlund Oy