Valmet and CADMATIC developed a high-quality product from CADMATIC Electrical

Valmet WD-C Winder

Valmet has used the AXES system developed in its automation design since the early 1990s. In 2010, it was found that further processing of the old system no longer makes sense - the software was running out of its lifecycle. CADMATIC Electrical was already familiar with Valmet because it was previously used as an electrical design tool for Järvenpää winding machines. In the summer of 2010 Valmet and CADMATIC agreed on a development project that developed the features of the AXES system to CADMATIC Electrical software "We wanted an effective commercial application that would be easily enough tailored to our needs," says Jukka Alatalo, Head of Electrical Engineering at Valmet.

The objectives of the project were unity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. "The goals have been achieved. We can convert projects previously made to AXES design systems directly to CADMATIC Electrical projects. In addition, significant issues include the excellent functionality of CADMATIC Electrical support and connectivity to other Valmet systems," says Jukka Alatalo.

According to Jari Pynnönen, Sales Director of CADMATIC, two important issues were achieved with the Valmet project. "We first developed the CADMATIC Electrical version, which was introduced in a genuinely global operating environment, for example in the joint projects of Valmet Finland's units and units in China. Another important thing was that the advanced features are largely embedded in the basic product and they go into application development. 


Valmet, Jukka Alatalo
Jukka Alatalo
Manager, Project Electrical Engineering