Weighing systems development requires accuracy


Weighing and dosing systems and the provision of their maintenance services is literally a precision workmanship. Precision is expected also from the used design tools. The CADS development done for Lahti Precision Oy began in 1999 when the company was still a part of Raute Group. The first customisation project was a circuit diagram design project that introduced new features and improvements in comparison with the AutoCAD system that the company had previously used.

According to Timo Riisiö, the Service Manager of Kymdata co-operation with Lahti Precision has been quite intense and consultative. ”In terms of customising we have examined the customers’ business models with the purpose of being able to apply the used tool, CADS Electric as efficiently as possible. Several meetings were held and training sessions conducted in connection with the version update as we aimed at the most efficient exploitation of the new features in Lahti Precision’s design work.”

”CADS’ application has had a positive impact on the development of our entire design process”, admits Tommi Korhonen, Senior Engineer of Lahti Precision. ”CADS 13 already brought along a database with the benefits of which we were able to make the design process more efficient since we could integrate our own production control system with CADS.”

Lahti Precision operates on the global markets that influence significantly the future development of design systems. ”We have a constant dialogue with CADS’ developers. We hope that they are able to respond to the challenges that the international operating environment offers”, Tommi Korhonen concludes.

Lahti Precision Oy supplies weighing and dosing systems and installations, weighing devices and components, as well as maintenance services in the field of weighing for various industries. Lahti Precision Oy is a leading global supplier of raw material installations for glassworks and mortar plants and it is the market leader in industrial weighing solutions in Finland. Currently the company employs 160 people. lahtiprecision.com

Tommi Korhonen
Senior Engineer
Lahti Precision Oy