Product information in CADMATIC Electrical, automation and industrial electrical design

Product databases provide designers with an effective way to design demanding projects smoothly and accurately. When you have the correct graphic symbol, 3D model, product data or connector number stored in the product library, the designer simply has to select and place the product in the project. CADMATIC Electrical automatically ensures that product information or graphical occurrences are correct everywhere.

For almost 20 years, product databases have been available to designers in CADS Electric's circuit diagram application.

Ensure your products are where electrical and automation designers need them. This is the only way to guarantee the visibility and existence of your own products in the device lists of projects.

Product Information required for Industrial Electrical and Automation Design:

  • In diagrams as type data
  • In device lists
  • In the distribution board layout as 3D product models or space reservations
  • In the factory layout as a 3D product model
  • I/O-control systems


Product model features of CADMATIC Electrical:

  • Product information
  • Translations
  • Connector numbers
  • 2D graphic symbol
  • 3D model
  • Electrotechnical data
  • Size data
  • Electrical number
  • Photos
  • Web link


Watch the YouTube video and learn more about using product databases in CADMATIC Electrical.


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