Product information in CADS Electric, building electrical design

In CADS Electric, the product information and technical data are already available on the plan view graphics
In CADS Electric, the product information and technical data are already available on the plan view graphics.

The increase in BIM design has brought with it the need to define and use both 3D models and product information at the design stage. Finding the right product information online or manually setting it up is not a viable option for a designer. In order for your products to be used in data model projects, they must be defined in CADS Electric.

In data model based design, the product models of actual electrical installation equipment are used. This means the designer can easily determine the technical and geometrical compatibility of products with different collision tests and checking operations. 3D models are also illustrative and easy to understand. As a result, all the concerned project parties (not only electricians) understand clearly what the final result will look like and what it will contain.

In CADS Electric, data model based design automatically generates device and luminaire lists for electrical projects as well as 3D models, for example.

Luminaire list in Excel
Luminaire list in Excel

Product models are required for building electrical design:

  • In BIM-based 3D design
  • For product typing
  • For space reservations
  • To check energy efficiency
  • For electrotechnical calculations
  • To check aesthetics/suitability
  • To verify the detection areas (motion detectors etc.)
  • In device list
Product models in CADS Electric
Product models in CADS Electric

CADS Electric's product model features:

  • Product information
  • Translations
  • Installation method data
  • 2D graphic symbol
  • 3D model
  • Electrotechnical data
  • Size data
  • Electrical number
  • Photos
  • Web link
  • Additional Information

Product information is required for all electrical and IT systems installation hardware, as well as wiring, underfloor heating cables, cable managements and feedthroughs.


Sähkömalli integroituna yhdistelmämalliin
Electric model integrated into a combined model – all electrical and low voltage devices are modelled

Watch the YouTube video and learn more about using product databases in CADS Electric >> 


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