CADS provides industry-specific and compatible design softwares and services that support them.


CADS Electric

The versatile CADS Electric is an excellent choice for the different design and documentation needs of electrical and automation engineering: building electrification (BIM/3D),

CADS Viewer

CADS Viewer is intended for viewing and printing out CAD drawings. It also includes basic drawing, editing and printing features.


CADS DM is a cost-effective system for managing project-related documents.
CADS for students

CADS for students

The CADS student licence brings you the latest CADS software for the whole duration of your studies – free of charge. You can easily download the student licence over the Internet.

CADS Rasta

CADS Rasta for using and processing raster images. The software has versatile tools for preparing and processing raster images
CADS for teachers

CADS for teachers

We offer CADS teacher licences for teachers free of charge. You can download a teacher licence easily online.


CADS is an easy-to-use CAD software with versatile functions.