CADMATIC for educational institutions

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How would it be, if your educational institution could use professional CAD software for free? You would finally have enough licences; electrical engineering students could use a professional product; the software would be maintained free of charge, and the licences could also be used for training offered to companies. The unique CADMATIC Educational Program makes all this possible. And much more.

The CADMATIC Educational Pack products include licences for CADMATIC Electrical software. The pack has field-specific software for the following fields: electrical and automation engineering (CADMATIC Electrical), geotechnology (CADMATIC GeoXY) and raster image processing (CADMATIC Rasta). Naturally, without forgetting CADMATIC Draw, the basic CAD software, a perfect fit for basic CAD education.

We offer superior benefits:

  • Licences
  • The necessary number of licences → choose a software package of suitable size
  • Maintenance free of charge myCADS service agreement → use the latest software versions that are also used by businesses
  • Can also be used for company training
  • Training material available free of charge
  • Educational SA licences for private use (for teachers, or to be loaned to students)

Choose the software package that suits your educational institution the best:

CADMATIC Educational Pack 100
(includes 100 network access rights)
200 €
CADMATIC Educational Pack SA
(includes one standalone licence)
90 €