System integrations

Järjestelmäintegraatiot CADS Electric

CADMATIC Electrical’s open interfaces make it possible to include the design system as a part of other information systems, such as PDM, PLM, ERP and production control systems. If necessary, we can customise information transfer to our existing systems on a customer-specific basis, so that the end result matches the customer’s processes. We have decades of project experience in this with partners from the manufacturing industry, among other fields.

Integrations bring cost-efficiency and reduce errors

System integrations make it possible to develop and speed up both the transfer of information and the customer’s processes. This saves time and reduces the possibility of errors. The quality of work improves, the work becomes more meaningful and first and foremost, better cost-efficiency is achieved.

As a basic solution, it is easy to use Excel to import and export information between different kinds of software. For example, this may involve

  • Using internal item codes in design and transferring them to the other systems in the building
  • Transferring information or documents to external systems, such as the customer’s own systems
  • Transferring the results of quantity calculations to serve as initial data for tender calculations
  • etc.