The most extensive design system on the market

CADMATIC Electrical is the most extensive electrical and automation engineering design system on the market, and it will raise your work to a completely new level. Centralised control of design data from different fields is the key to everything.

We have listened to our users, and we follow the development of the field actively. This is evident in the increased functionalities. Automation has been harnessed to reduce time-consuming routine tasks and ensure that the design data is correct. All this is based on our desire to make design with CADMATIC Electrical as easy and user friendly as possible.

1. An effective solution for challenging needs

The versatile CADMATIC Electrical adapts from one project and use to another. It is suitable for a wide variety of design and documentation needs in electrical and automation engineering: building electrification, industrial electrical and automation engineering, layout design of switchboards and the design of distribution networks.

In the building electrification sector, CADMATIC Electrical covers all needs from building information modelling (BIM) -based design to the final as-built documentation in contracting.

CADMATIC Electrical has effective tools for the different needs of industry, from challenging electrical and automation design to maintenance needs.

2. Scaled to fit your needs

We know that over time, your CAD needs may change too. Our CADMATIC software family grows with you. If you wish, you can expand the CADS software you use by choosing the level that suits you best. You always pay only the difference according to the price list – you never pay for something you do not need.

  • CADMATIC Electrical Basic – Efficient drawing automatics for producing electrical and automation drawings
  • CADMATIC Electrical – Database-based; the most extensive electrical and automation design system on the market for demanding design tasks

CADS Electric packages

  • You can also add other products from the CADMATIC software family to complement the CADMATIC Electrical you already use. 
  • You can purchase the CADMATIC Electrical software with either standalone or network licences.