Simply compatible

CADMATIC Electrical is a byword for compatibility among our customers. Genuine compatibility enables both effective use of old CAD drawing archives and easy cooperation between the different parties involved in the design work.

CADMATIC Electrical reads and generates DRW, DWG, DXF and PDF files as well as IFC data models. With the software, you can easily import and export project-specific information, reports and lists, among other things, to Excel for further processing and then back again to CADMATIC Electrical.

With the CADMATIC Rasta software, you can import and edit information such as topographic bases or other scanned drawings into CADMATIC Electrical, and use them to create designs efficiently. CADMATIC Rasta supports more than 20 raster formats, such as TIFF, BMP and JPEG.

Everything for your data model-based design needs

CADMATIC Electrical also offers a comprehensive solution for building information modelling (BIM) -based design. It includes import/export functions for IFC data models. For export functions, CADMATIC Electrical has an international certification for the standard IFC 2x3 v2. Thanks to the IFC Import functionality, you can also upload IFC data models by other designers (architect, structures, HVAC) to CADMATIC Electrical.

Part of production through system integration

The open interface of the CADMATIC Electrical databases makes it possible to connect the CADMATIC Electrical to the company’s other information systems, such as the production control system. We have decades of project experience in this with partners from manufacturing industry, among other fields. We also cooperate with the most important PDM/PLM suppliers.

DIALux link connects lighting calculations and CADMATIC Electrical

With CADMATIC Electrical software’s link to DIALux, you can transfer the information about the space into DIALux in a CADMATIC Electrical drawing, and return the results of the lighting design created there including the Isolux diagrams back to CADMATIC Electrical.

Different language versions easily

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can create project-specific drawings and lists in several languages, if necessary. With the automatic translation functions, you can easily generate different language versions from the drawings. You can also export the texts from the drawings into an Excel file for editing; there they can be translated into the desired language and the translated version imported back into the drawings.