CADMATIC for students

The CADMATIC student licence brings you the latest CADMATIC Electrical software for the whole duration of your studies – free of charge. You can easily download the student licence over the Internet.

The CADMATIC student licence gives you the chance to use real design applications widely used in the business world. The incredible and efficient features help you to make design more efficient and guide you to think about design from a new point of view. With the CADMATIC Electrical software, you can learn about the working techniques of design systems, their design data management features, etc.

  • We offer you superior benefits – at no extra cost!
  • Software packages that correspond completely to company licences
  • You always work with the latest software version
    → You can download new software updates conveniently and free of charge from our update service
  • The contents of the myCADS online service are also available to you
    → Illustrative instructions, videos...
  • Option to redeem the software for your own use after completing your studies in accordance with the valid CADMATIC price list

You can use the CADMATIC student licence for study-related tasks, including the documentation related to your final project (e.g. for an engineering diploma). Use for other purposes that are not directly related to studying requires a clarification to be sent to CADMATIC EAC Oy. We charge use to earn profit according to the price list/month of use, and the invoicing practices will be agreed upon in connection with processing the clarification. Using a student licence for business activities or other work to earn profit is not permitted without the consent of CADMATIC EAC Oy.


How to get a student licence

Please contact our sales offices in your country.