CADS support is part of myCADS service agreement. 

CADS Support

Please contact via E-mail:


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This is what you should do

Please familiarise yourself with the solution of the problem via the online help of the CADS before contacting the support. Before contacting the support, find out:

  1. the version/revision of the CADS software (basic software+application)t that you are using
  2. whether you are using the workstation or network version (Licence Server) of CADS
  3. the operating system of your computer and its version
  4. the exact wording of the error messages that might have appeared, the actions and circumstances that lead to the problem.

E-mail support

It is a good idea to use the e-mail support, especially when the problem is related to a drawing. Sending the drawing and error description by e-mail will speed up solving the problem.  E-mail messages are handled in the order of arrival. Complement your e-mail with:

  1. your name and telephone number
  2. the name of your company
  3. how you have tried to eliminate the error.