A brainstorming on reducing rush? After a leisurely summer


For a software company, releasing a new version is always a big project that often leads to rush work. On the other hand, there is no need to hurry. I can say that the new version 18 of CADS that has now come of age has been tested more than ever before. We have also boldly moved the release schedule to ensure our product is as flawless as possible. In addition to the new features, we have invested heavily in the availability and speed of the software. The joint effort of the CADS team took shape on 30 May 2018, when the new CADS 18 was released.

When we talk about rushing in the design world, or rather expanding the perspective to the whole supply chain, for example in the construction sector, it seems that hurrying is the cause (and often a convenient excuse) for many a problem.

Is the design process rushed? Can this be one of the reasons behind quality problems in construction? Does the rush hinder the development of your business, for example in the case of introducing a more efficient design system that produces better quality work or developing know-how?

What have we done in Kymdata to alleviate the rush for our present and future customers? Quite a lot. Everything depends, of course, on the features of the software. Our slogan “Improve(s) your design” entails an important basic premise: the improvement happens together, the software improves and you improve. Our role is to create tools for improvement and ensure it with different services. Your role is to seize the opportunity, stop for a moment and bring your business to the next level.

Let us look at some everyday examples. I have talked to several electrical design professionals working on large design projects in the construction sector. The main everyday challenges that have emerged are the constant need to make changes, quality control, locating components in the plans for large projects and generating all kinds of lists. All of these challenges are handled by centralised and reliable management of design data and good related functions, such as bulk edits and versatile reporting opportunities. Yes, I am talking about the CADS Electric Pro design system. We have solved these problems that cause rushing already today. The design software of the future is available to you right now.

Another example. Electric quantity calculation. True, I promised myself not to write on this matter anymore. However… the KIRA-digi project “Use of the ETIM-compliant technical data in the electrical design process“ that we have just launched with STK, Granlund, STUL, NSS and Senaattikiinteistöt, also gives hope in this matter, because in our project we also study using the designer-created product data in the entire supply chain. So, could the day come when the product data from electrical design, together with quantities, would be widely used by the contractors and even in property maintenance? That day comes when we have a common willingness to do this. We do have this at Kymdata. We are still not going to develop software that translates electrical components from a PDF, produced by a designer. We have been asked about this as well.

So, what to do? Stop for a moment. Think about what is causing the rush in your business. Can you find sustainable justification to “carry on as before, do not change the working system”? Or should you have a brainstorming on how to reduce rush?

Jyrki Metsola

Managing Director

Kymdata Oy