Building electrical design with CADS Electric follows construction processes


Several updates have been made to CADS Electric Pro software this year that facilitate the users’ everyday work. Our expert Tommi Piispa explains that the thought behind the innovations of the recent years is the idea that in building electrical design, the design process goes along with construction processes.

Kymdata Tommi Piispa
According to Tommi Piispa designing with CADS Electric Pro is absolutely rewarding when keeping in mind the real building process.

“Especially in the field of construction electricity, the good properties of CADS Electric Pro can easily end up unused if one by force tries to use the software as before. I mean by that the worldview, which is based on just drawing pictures by using symbols and lines. When designing with CADS Electric Pro it is absolutely rewarding to keep in mind the real building process,” Tommi Piispa ponders. 

This means that necessary product templates are created at the start of the project just like you would order goods into a warehouse from where you can quickly install them. After this you pick the cable types used in the project, just as when building on the site, the cable reels are taken to the site before the cabling work can start.

“This way of thinking forces one to make certain decisions earlier, for instance choosing lighting fixture templates, but at the same time it provides many tools for better management of the project in changing conditions. Product template data is much easier to supplement later, when you know which lighting fixtures they affect,” Piispa admits.

Positioning the lighting fixtures is maybe one of the main things that become easier when images are part of the project and the product templates are used.

Designing becomes easier when images are part of the project and the product templates are used.

”Of course afterwards positioning can also turn out well, but this means time spent on afterwards thinking about things already done once. And of course some things need to be changed especially during the design period, but often it's much easier to change a certain position of lighting fixtures to another, even via database than to search for individual symbols that meet certain criteria in the image. In particular, when different positions can look the same externally and use the same symbol,” says Piispa.

“This way of thinking should explain the logic of the software better; we talk of products and devices, cable types and cables. Especially in modelled projects, when the purpose is to make a digital twin of a building, why force it into symbols and lines. Don't place then a symbol into a picture, install a lighting fixture instead.”

A checklist for smooth electrical design of a building:
•    Join the images into a project
•    Create layers
•    Create product templates and use them in the project
•    Remember the DB tool when mass editing project data such as captions