CADS 18 is released


CADS 18.0 can be downloaded from CADS Update service or via CADS Updater. All CADS customers who have an active maintenance agreement, will receive an email that includes an activation key needed for the installation of CADS 18.0.

Important information about the release


CADS 18.0 requires 64-bit environment

CADS 18.0 uses 64-bit technology. CADS 18.0 does not work in 32-bit operating systems. Prior to installation, make sure that your computer’s operation system is suitable for CADS 18.0.

CADS 18.0 will be delivered electronically

Starting from version 18.0, CADS will only be delivered electronically via Update service. This means that CADS DVD discs will not be delivered anymore.

The installation of CADS Applications has been simplified

CADS 18.0 has less installation files compared to previous versions. For example, if you have Electric applications you will now find only one Electric installation file in the Update service. The installation file includes all Electric applications and will install them all at once.


Maintenance agreement and Update service

Register to Update service now

If you have an active CADS Maintenance agreement, but you have not yet registered to Update service, now is good time to do that. Update service can be found here: You will need your Customer number and CD-key to finalize registration. They can be found in the cover of your CADS DVD.