CADS is now CADMATIC – what does this mean for CADS users and how will CADS change?


As a result of the acquisition made in summer of 2019 CADS software will be moved under the CADMATIC brand. Development of the software and the accompanying services (e.g. support services) will continue as before. Thus, the change does not require any special action from the end user nor does it affect the functioning of the software. After the changes, working with the software can continue as usual.

Changes in the software are mostly visual. At a later stage, the installation folders will change, but this also does not affect the end user as installation programs will take care of this automatically. In addition to changes in software, there will also be changes in the release schedules of versions and revisions and the naming of the releases. The changes in software will be seen according to the schedule below.

STEP 1: January 2020

In January 2020, new revisions of version 18 will be released for all CADS products. In these revisions, the names of CADS products will be changed to CADMATIC product names. The changes are seen in logos and product names visible in software. These can be found, for example, in application installers, application start banners and start pages, user interfaces and manuals. Therefore, the changes published in January 2020 are only visual.

In the January revisions, the release names will follow the traditional CADS method, with revision numbers in the format of 18.0.xx.

Starting with the January revisions, the files will be digitally signed with the CADMATIC certificate. In practice, the change will be visible for example in the publisher name of installation packages. Before the publisher was Kymdata, in the future – CADMATIC.

Changes to product names:

Previous product  name   New product name
CADS (basic software)     CADMATIC Draw
CADS Viewer CADMATIC Drawing Viewer
CADS License Server  CADMATIC License Server
CADS Electric CADMATIC Electrical
CADS Profile CADMATIC Profile


The names of sub-applications of Electric products will change as follows:

Previous product name  New product name
Electric Installation Drawings Electrical Layout
Electric Schemas Electrical Schematics
Electric Centre Schemas Electrical Distribution Board
Electric Centre Layout Electrical Cabinet Layout


STEP 2: May 2020

In May 2020, the CADS software will be transferred to the same release cycle as other CADMATIC products. In this case, the software release names will also be changed according to CADMATIC naming methods.

Starting from May 2020, new CADS software will be released three times a year (with a release interval of four months).  The releases will be named according to the year and release number. The release number format is T1, T2 or T3 depending on which release of the current year is in question. For example, the release name for May will be CADMATIC Electrical 2020 T2 and the autumn 2020 release will be CADMATIC Electrical 2020 T3.

Revision releases can be made between those official releases (e.g. CADMATIC Electrical 2020 T2 R1) if new features need to be released more often than every four months. Of course, patch releases will be made between official releases, as before. The difference between a revision and a patch is that a patch always contains only fixes to the functionality of the official version with no new or changed features at all.

STEP 3: January 2021

The CADS 19 version scheduled for release in autumn 2020 will be delayed a few months until January 2021. The version will no longer be called CADS 19 and will follow the naming methods described in step 2. The name of the next new version will be for example: CADMATIC Electrical 2021 T1.

From January 2021 onwards, a new version of the software will be released once a year (always in January). Thus, the version can be recognized from the year number as before. The new version differs from other releases made during the year in being installed as separate software and into a different folder on the user’s computer. The earlier (i.e. previous) versions will remain on the computer and can still be used, as before. In the new version, the image file (drw) format may change, as has often happened before with a new version. Within a version, i.e. other releases of the year, the file format will never change.