CADS patches bring flexibility to software updating

CADS versions, revisions and patches

The patch service pack is a new way to distribute software updates to CADS users. Versions and revisions are released whenever a new feature comes out. Intervals between versions and revisions can differ a lot, as well as the amount of new features in every distribution. We are sorry to say that software occasionally also contains bugs. To release the fixes to users as fast as possible, is now possible with patch service packs for CADS.

In a word, patch is an installation package that is installed onto the existing version or revision. A patch replaces only the fixed parts of the software version/revision that is in use. Therefore, it is always safe to install it even in the middle of a design project in progress. The published patch service packs are small and installable only onto certain revisions. Installing a patch service pack is similar to installing other installation packages via automatic updates, for instance. The biggest difference between the patch service pack and revision installation package is the size. In the case of revision, there is always an entire installed program, but a patch installs only the parts that need to be fixed.

Furthermore, the latest revision always contains all the fixes released so far; this means that after a revision is released the earlier patch service packs are no longer needed.