The electrical design of the Tallinn's prison was made with CADS Electric


When designing large systems and complex items accurately and individually, CADS Electric Pro is an effective tool. The electrical design of the Tallinn Prison was carried out by the ITK Inseneribüroo. This case was a good example of a project where the database features published in CADS Electric 17 were essential to make IT design planning easy and efficient.

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ITK inseneriburoo

Tallinn prison is being built near Tallinn and it is the latest modern prison under construction. The construction work will be completed by the end of 2018. The new prison with its 61000m² net area and 14-storey, has 1200 prison facilities. Its construction cost is nearly 74 million euros. There are now 2 700 prisoners and when the Tallinn Prison is completed, there are a total of 3 200 prison places.