Have you already adopted these updates in CADS Electric 18?

Have you already adopted these updates in CADS Electric 18?

Sometimes it is good to look back as well and examine if all good features of CADS Electric have already been taken into everyday use. Here is a collection of earlier updates to version 18, which greatly facilitate the work of designers. Hopefully these have already been merged into one in practice.

The document tree makes the document management more effective

In the 18.0.3 revision of CADS Electric, its usability was improved by a new document tree and the possibility to display two CADS Electric project tree windows at the same time was made available. Project reports can be exported to the document tree, which makes their updating extremely easy. When creating IFC files, these can also be transferred as project documents. This way, you can also display the IFC files in the window of CADS Electric in the Documents tree. This will be especially helpful in a situation where you need to create a separate IFC file of each floor of the building. The already created IFC files can be updated with a single command in the context menu of the IFC folder.

Improved estimation of the space requirements of cables

The estimation of space requirements of cables is an entirely customer-requested function that has been present in CADS Electric for some time. The function has since been improved in a revision released about a year ago and it additionally allows estimating the size of necessary inlets.

The function is found in the Calculation functions menu or in the centre context menu. At its simplest, the function displays the centre’s incoming and outgoing cables with one click. However, you can also choose yourself, which of the displayed cables to examine.

Autumn will also bring a new CADS Electric revision, which is likely to be released in October. It will include functional innovations and improvements for the centre and group management among other things, but we will tell you more about that when the release date is confirmed.