KIRA-digi project: use of the ETIM-compliant technical data in the electrical design process


Kymdata and the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK), Granlund Oy, the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland (STUL) and Sähkösuunnittelijat NSS have applied for the KIRA-digi project “Use of the ETIM-compliant technical data in the electrical design process”. The project has been approved as one of the 31 funded projects for a total of 74 applicants for this application round.

The project is a continuation of the previous KIRA-digi project led by STK called “Coordination of the product databases of the HVAC and electricity sector to meet designers’ and developers’ needs”. The current project studies and tests how the product data that is created according to the classification can be transferred from the Sähkö service into the CADS Electric design software and how it can be best used in the electrical design of the building chosen as a pilot object.

In the earlier project, identifying data and important technical properties of products needed in electrical design were defined according to Tuotetietostandardi 2017, BMEcat and the ETIM standard. The data corresponding to this classification is called by the abbreviation SURA (design, contracting and building).

“Joining the project and taking the lead fits perfectly into Kymdata’s strategy where the development of our main industries with the key players of the industry has a central role,” notes Jyrki Metsola , the Managing Director of Kymdata Oy.

Kymdata has been already involved in the previous project, and in this project we will add functions to the CADS Electric software, so it will support the use of the SURA data in the design process. STK will build an interface in the Sähkö service where SURA data can be downloaded into design software. Granlund brainstorms and experiments with the opportunities of using SURA data in electrical design and the documentation of the building chosen as a pilot object. STUL is involved in the project along with the contracting sector and NSS Granlund as the design sector expert, helping to include their sector’s viewpoints into the task solutions. This is the sixth and last application round for KIRA-digi experimental projects. The projects must be implemented by the end of 2018.