More efficiency in CADS Electric with the SQL Server database solution


CADS Electric Pro design software contains efficient tools for centralised project-specific information management. They meet the key challenges of design work: quality assurance and making changes. As a platform for CADS Electric Pro's information management, Microsoft Access (MDB) or Microsoft SQL Server database can be used. Which of the above solutions is suitable for each of our clients depends on many factors. We have gathered the pros and cons of the options in question into the table below.

Access, pros

Access, cons

SQL Server, pros

SQL Server, cons


Not suitable for remote access (VPN)

Suitable for remote access (only solution for this purpose)

Subject to fee after baseline level

No separate commissioning

Use slows down in large projects

Solution also for large projects information management

Separate commissioning and database administration needed

Does not necessarily require a server

Is not optimally suitable for multiuser projects

Suitable for multiuser projects

Requires a server (one’s own or as outsourced service)

Mobility (database can be taken along)


Centralised backups

Always requires connection to server



Better suited for information system integration




Baseline level (SQL Server Express) free



No definitive limit may be determined when one should drop Access for SQL Server or take into use SQL Server together with CADS Electric from the start. When evaluating the significance of the size of the project at the choice, it can be said that for example in the case of hospital or shopping centre projects where there are many floors and lots of equipment (tens of thousands) SQL Server is a clear choice.

An unconditional reason for taking into use SQL Server is a need to perform the design work remotely over VPN connection. This situation can arise for example when the designer wishes to work manually remotely from home or when several offices over the network work on the same project.
When the work takes place in the local area network and project sizes are limited, Microsoft Access database can be used as a database solution.

How to acquire SQL Server?

A wide range of Microsoft SQL Server solutions are available:

It is possible to buy your own SQL Server or alternatively acquire it as a service from a selected service provider.
Kymdata Oy does not deliver SQL Server database products to its customers but may, if necessary, act as a consultant in the matter, especially on how to take into use SQL Server in CADS Electric.

Contact us!

If you're using the CADS Electric Pro design system but you do not have SQL Server, we at Kymdata can help you. Typically one starts with a survey meeting, where we will be
•    going through the various options for SQL Server
•    mapping your needs
•    mapping your IT resources (=> whether you will realise taking into use the  SQL Server on your own or as a service) and potential IT partners

The result of the survey meeting will be an understanding how the project will be implemented and what Kymdata's role in the project will be.
Contact information regarding SQL Server:

Jarno Pato