New revision of CADS Electric


A new revision of CADS Electric version 18 was released on 12 June 2019. This revision will introduce changes to the database structure, but the changes are backward compatible. Traditional MDB projects will be updated automatically, but they can also be processed with older revisions if necessary.

SQL projects have to be updated by the main user via the SQL project management tool function for updates. Please note that in the case of SQL, the entire database is updated, which includes all the projects in the database.


Generic cabling

Electric Pro's function of data connections has been completely updated.

The new function of generic cabling replaces the old one, bringing totally new features. The function is strongly based on using product templates, but above all every distribution board, device and cable become available in the project database and reports.  The functionality is a good complement to project planning and brings manageability to generic cabling networks.

Yleiskaapelointi CADS Electricissä


Product template tree

The folder structure of the product template tree has changed. By default, the folders are created as before, but they can also be created and named freely. In addition, product templates can be moved from one folder to another.

Because of this improvement, the user no longer has to be satisfied with grouping based on design area and product type; instead, this is merely the default. This significantly improves the grouping of the product template tree and makes it easier to find the correct product template. Grouping can be based on manufacturer or intended use, whatever works best for the user.
The same method has previously been used in the documents tree.

Project tree


Cable combing

The drawing of cable combings has been updated. The update also includes a connecting cable combing feature. The combed cable drawn between the terminal block strips also connects wires, which makes creating and connecting trunk cables easy. Alternatively, the old method of displaying the switching reference at the end of wires can be used. The presentation style is automatically chosen depending on whether the combed wiring reaches the connection point or not.

 Usability is greatly enhanced by the drawing early preview, so that the space requirements of the combing need not to be guessed, and displaying the direction of the combed cables is also easier than before.



Project settings in the drawing

A huge improvement to CADS usability is the new feature of saving the project settings in the image from now. For example, if the project images are exported with customer drawing function as DWG versions into a separate folder, it is easier to keep the visual representation intact because the project settings affecting its design are found in the image itself.


Improvements to centre layout

There have been many small improvements to the placement of product templates in the centre layout application. The user interfaces have been improved and unified. In the new revision, above all, product templates can be placed into the image in bulk, which allows for the easy generation of devices in the project.

Placing already existing devices on the drawing has also been improved. All the devices of a location can be easily snapped onto the image and repositioned later. This ensures that no individual devices are missed, even when their exact position is yet unknown.



Updates of product databases

Updated product databases:
•    Osram
•    Prysmian Group
•    Sähkö