Our product support received top marks from CADS users!


“9 stars! The matters were handled and the problem was solved successfully.”
“We received immediate assistance and the problem was handled according to great advice.” Thank you!”
“Quick help with visual instructions!”
“Very satisfied with your operations and software.”
“Deployment of the update service, software updates, downloads and commissioning went smoothly.”
“Many thanks to expert Sirpa for the sent instructions.”

With reference to the aforementioned quotations and statistical results, I am happy to tell you about one of our many activities and to let know the CADS customers about what are we doing here in our office to earn the continued confidence of CADS users.
In case of an acute problem with the CADS software, the designer’s work may come to a halt. We understand our role of responsibility here and we strive to solve the problem as best we can so that you can return to your most important process, the smooth continuation of your business or your work task.
Our product support handles approximately 600 support requests per month. The first step of product support, HelpDesk, solves over 60% of the support requests on their own, which has a remarkable effect on response time, i.e. the time in which you will receive a solution to your problem. If the support request cannot be addressed straightaway by the HelpDesk, it will be transferred to the system as an open service request to be dealt with by our industry-specific experts or product development. You will be notified of this via e-mail, which includes a service request number and a possible request for additional information.

Our product support is based on the one-stop-shop principle, i.e. you only need to use one channel (phone or email) as a myCADS service contract customer and we will take care of the availability and coverage of the support operations.
Can we take a decision on all the support requests immediately? No, unfortunately not, because the HelpDesk can be overloaded at times. If our support line is busy for a long time, send your support request via e-mail.
Can we decide about all the support requests? Regrettably, we sometimes have to offer workarounds as a solution and alternative ways to solve a problem, because advanced design systems, no matter by whom, cannot offer support for all occasions. Using methods that are compatible with the system’s internal architecture enables the promised benefits.

Kind regards
Timo Riisiö
Service Manager
Kymdata Oy