PDM interface coming to CADS


During the autumn of 2018, a CADS.PDM product extension will be released for CADS, enabling the data transfer between CADS and PDM systems. In the first phase, the extension will include integration into the Roima Intelligence ATON PDM/PLM system.
The three key elements of ATON/CADS integration are:

Transfer of component names from ATON to CADS. This enables to design in CADS with the right components that are used by the company.
Transfer of parts lists created in CADS reporting tools from CADS to ATON. The components used in the project and their right quantities are linked to their exact names.
Export of design documents to ATON. CADS documents or PDF printouts can be exported to ATON and linked to the correct ATON name, using either attribute-driven method or name code.

Additional information about CADS.PDM product extension: Development Director Jarno Pato,