Wrong kind of rushing can make the day dreary


In my opinion it's in principle wrong to claim that rushing is always a bad thing. If orders come pouring in, billable work, and thus also outgoing invoices are generated and in general, as we like to say, there is more work “than you have time to do”, who has anything against rushing! But is there a rush that getting rid of would make the cash register sing even happier notes? Or is there a wrong kind of or even unnecessary rush?

In a rush, decisions are made more quickly but learning capability decreases and new information cannot be received (brain researcher Minna Huotilainen, University of Helsinki)

Being a layman in the field of brain research, I understand the above as that in a rush we seek the feeling of control and safety (read: survival) by acting as we have always done before. The same, even partially manual routine work, the same excel tables, the same copy-paste operations, the same annoying delivery dates, and the same subconscious fear of having forgotten to make all necessary modifications… “Just get the job done”, let's correct mistakes later. Let's develop the work processes in better times, we can't right now as we are in a rush!

At this point the rush in my opinion becomes an attitude, and in fact a bad attitude in terms of business. Hardly would we accept this kind of attitude from others, so why accept it from ourselves?

How to tell the necessary rush from the pointless rush, how to gain a more positive attitude toward developing the business?

  1. Accept that there is good reason to update your own operating principles and production tools from time to time. Long working days do not necessarily mean effective performance. Find a competent partner for this update task, you will save a lot of time, tobacco and money.
  2. Do not accept doing the same thing over and over again, correction of mistakes afterwards or lack of automated operations. Automated operations bring about correctness, as seen in shorter turn-around times and then also in increased cash flow. You will be able to do more during the same time and also earn more!
  3. ”Do not adjust a working machine”! Forget this “wisdom” by now at the latest since right at this moment your competitors are adjusting their machines with the help of competent tuner wizards. Get your own wizard to bring more efficiency to the process and thereby more money to you.
  4. Do not forget the people! With good tools and know-how, the much-talked-about flow is a bit closer again. Success feeds success. Ensure that you are acting as an enabler of success, not a ruiner of the day!

You don't have to do everything by yourself nor you even can’t, rather let's combine our know-how. You are an expert in your field and the line of business, we are experts in CADS. Together we can make the good rush more productive!

A global logistics giant announced years ago already that they deliver peace of mind along with packages. Speed, accuracy and certainty of having chosen the right partner. This is the kind of peace of mind that your customers expect, and it is the same what we offer you.
When the tools and the know-how are in good order rushing is not harmful. That's how we see it.

Timo Riisiö
Kymdata Oy