About us

Kymdata developed the first CADS already over 30 years ago. It has constantly gained more features and power, and the journey has taught a lot. We eradicate routine tasks, reduce errors and free time for the actual engineering work. We are proud to say that, thanks to careful study, we know what and how people want to design – and we create unique opportunities for it. Today we are a part of CADMATIC, a Finnish, internationally operating expert organization of over 200 CAD professionals.

Kymdata’s patient work can be seen equally well in the number of customers we have gained as in the trust and satisfaction of designers, and most of all, in the successful work of our customers.

We offer a full software package for CAD design with the related support and customisation services.

Our long experience with CAD design needs has made us experts in not only software, but also in users. We develop the software continuously in cooperation with actors in the field of design.