Tobias Linden Borås Elkonsult
"We have already replaced two stand-alone programs with functions that are built-into CADMATIC Electrical. One is for 3D-modeling and the other one for layer management.”
Tobias Lindén
BLK Borås Elkonsult AB
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After the one and a half year selection process of CAD software solution, the biggest Estonian network operator Elektrilevi selected CADMATIC Draw software as its software solution for preparing its network diagrams in 2012. Now, years later, it is good to look back and describe how the use of CADMATIC Draw has improved the quality of the network diagram documentation of Elektrilevi.
Taavi Janno
Asset management sector manager
Elektrilevi OÜ
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Picture: Metsä Fibre Äänekoski
When a polytechnic student Pentti Suoniemi began his summer job in 2016 at Sweco in Tampere, he had no idea how quickly things would eventually proceed. Next summer he completed his thesis at Sweco on circuit diagram design and now, in early summer of 2018, he is the CADMATIC Electrical superuser at his workplace, helping other users to design more easily and efficiently.
Pentti Suoniemi
Sweco Oy
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Baltic Workboats
Since CADMATIC Electrical is already widely used in Estonia, it is much easier for us to cooperate with other electrical engineering companies where this software is also used.
Marek Müürisepp
Electrical and automation designer
Baltic Workboats AS
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Caverion Eero Kaldam
"As an electrical designer, I enjoy my work when I can use special software because all kinds of special functions of electrical design development make my work much more enjoyable and, of course, more efficient."
Eero Kaldam
IT specialist and electrical designer
Caverion Eesti AS
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Insto Sainio, Pasi Sainio
Sometimes they say that design system grows together with the company. This holds true for Turku-based Insto Sainio, which has grown together with CADMATIC Electrical, or at least CADMATIC Electrical has had a significant role in the creation of new business.
Pasi Sainio
Area Manager
Sitowise Oy
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Are, Samuli Koivisto
Dozens of different information systems used in a big corporation give rise to a kind of “licence pool” which should be managed as efficiently as possible. Managing and monitoring this pool forms a part of IT support’s daily activities, but unnecessary extra work benefits no one.
Samuli Koivisto
Application system specialist
Are Oy
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"First, we already had great experience with CADMATIC Electrical. Second, we wanted to standardise our design system to ensure compatibility with our customers environments."
Kari Pellinen
Managing Director
Protacon Technologies Oy
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”CADMATIC Electrical application has had a positive impact on the development of our entire design process."
Tommi Korhonen
Senior Engineer
Lahti Precision Oy
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Valmet, Jukka Alatalo
"We wanted an effective commercial application that would be easily enough tailored to our needs."
Jukka Alatalo
Manager, Project Electrical Engineering
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Sweco Asiantuntijapalvelut Oy, Markus Hyttinen
"CADMATIC understands the ever changing needs of the sector, and the software is being developed accordingly."
Markus Hyttinen
Line Director, Residential Pipeline Renovation Design and Energy Efficiency
Sweco Asiantuntijapalvelut Oy
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Granlund Oy, Matti Urjo
"CADMATIC has an active software development and willingness to take the matter forward."
Matti Urjo
Leading Speacialist
Granlund Oy
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