A software developer has to assume full liability for their products. We are doing that by continuing to co-operate with you even after the software purchase. Make the most of your software and make use our versatile services:


We offer versatile training both customer-specifically and according to our general course supply. The contents and duration of customer-specific training can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs. It is a reasonable and economical option, especially when several people from the same company or educational institution are in need of training.

Customer-specific trainings are either organised in the facilities of the customer or in separately rented facilities at the locality desired by the customer.

myCADS maintenance agreement

The myCADS maintenance agreement will keep your software up-to-date. As a maintenance agreement customer, you can download the latest updates from our update service server as soon as they have become available.

  • New versions and revisions immediately available
    The results of our continuous product development are immediately at your disposal as a maintenance agreement customer via our Internet update service without having to wait for months or even for years.
  • Helpdesk
    Via our email support, you can have our expertise at your disposal just when you need it.
  • Voluntary agreement
    Our software policy is honest and fair. As our customer, you have a free hand in updating your software when necessary: there are no updating obligations tied to prescribed times, and the user rights of your software will not expire.

On the contrary; a voluntary, moderately priced myCADS maintenance agreement whose costs you will know beforehand is there to support your work. This is also a part of the overall economic efficiency of the CADMATIC Electrical.