CADMATIC Electrical is the safest and most efficient choice for the different CAD needs of electrical contracting. It includes easy-to-use tools for as-built documentation, design and quantity calculation.

CADMATIC Electrical covers all parts of electrical drawings (installation drawings, circuit schemas and centre schemas). Create all of your own electrical documents with one single efficient and easy-to-use product!

If your sites and documentation needs are small, we can offer you an easy-to-use design tool (CADMATIC Electrical Basic). As your needs and requirements grow, we can upgrade you to the Pro level affordably. You only pay the difference; there is no need for wasted investments!

Simply compatible

CADMATIC Electrical has already become a byword for excellent compatibility. The drawings coming from the designers open easily; the necessary changes can be made to them, and data can be transferred directly to different kinds of tender calculation software, if needed:

  • CADMATIC Electrical reads and generates DRW, DWG, DXF, PDF, IFC and BCF files.
  • CADMATIC Electrical also reads the most common raster formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF.

A safe choice

Choosing CADMATIC Electrical as the CAD tool for your contracting company is a decision that will take you far. There is a skilful and stable company behind the software, which guarantees that the product will continue to develop in the future.