A safe choice

Choosing CADMATIC Electrical as the CAD tool for your contracting company is a decision that will take you far. There is a skillful and stable company behind the software, which guarantees that the product will continue to develop in the future.

  • The software is developed in close cooperation with actors in electrical and automation engineering.
  • Kymdata Oy is the absolute pioneer in electrical and automation engineering. Among other things, it actively works for standardising the CAD design operating models in the field.
  • IFC import and export also makes working with data model projects (BIM) possible.
  • We have more than 30 years of understanding and experience of the CAD needs of electrical professionals.
  • As an independent company, we can react quickly, develop the software continuously and provide genuine service.
  • You can update and maintain the software according to your needs and desires – Maintenance-free!

Extendable based on your needs

You can scale your software purchases to match your needs and upgrade the software level later. You only pay the difference! A clear and cost-efficient growth path.