Industrial electrical and automation design

CADMATIC Electrical is a ready-made package for exacting industrial needs.

CADMATIC Electrical is suitable for a wide range of industrial electrical and automation design needs, such as industrial electrification and instrumentation as well as machine automation and logic design.

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can create circuit and wiring schemas, tables and lists, main schemas for industry and cabinet layouts efficiently.

Machine and equipment controls

Draw smart – manage IDs and connectors on a drawing- and project-specific basis. A real-time project tree helps with managing references and the occurrences of devices, cables and connections. The system automatically updates both cross references and wiring references. You can also take advantage of existing circuit schemas or generate ready-made model circuit schemas with the database or an Excel file.

PLC and automation systems

Define the I/O structure and card channel connections in the database and use the initial data obtained from the schemas. Two-way transfer of information guarantees the accuracy of information both in the database and in the drawing (circuit schemas, cabinet layouts, factory layouts). You can also import the initial data from an Excel file and generate I/O lists as both Excel and PDF files.


Control the process data of instrument circuits and devices with standardised additional information. You can import the initial data of the projects/circuits from an Excel file and hand over similar information to the other parties involved in the project. Smart import ensures control of the changed information. The connection between the database and the drawings ensures that the schemas are up to date. Circuit schemas can be generated using the circuit data in the database or an Excel file.

Distribution boards, switchboards and enclosures

Generate cabinet layout designs in 2D/3D. You can use the information produced elsewhere in the project (e.g. on circuit schemas) when designing distribution boards and switchboards. You can always use real measurements in the design and dimensioning and see the true need for space in the final implementation. You can also import the initial data from an Excel file. You can use either real data or space reservation models in 3D.

Factory layouts and routing

Take advantage of the extensively developed BIM features in your designs. Thanks to the excellent compatibility, you can bring in the designs of the other parties involved in the project to help you, and use their data in the designs, such as the elevation data. You can design cable raceways, lighting, etc. in 2D/3D. You can pass on your designs in a certified IFC format (BIM).

Data management

CADMATIC Electrical is the only electrical and automation design software on the market with centralised management of design data from different fields. This makes the common data available to the whole design team. That in turn means better quality even more cost-efficiently.

System integrations

CADMATIC Electrical’s open interfaces make it possible to include the design system as a part of other information systems, such as PDM, PLM, ERP and production control systems. If necessary, we can customise information transfer to our existing systems on a customer-specific basis, so that the end result matches the customer’s processes. We have decades of project experience in this with partners from the manufacturing industry, among other fields.