Data management


CADMATIC Electrical is the only electrical and automation design software on the market with centralised management of design data from different fields. This makes the common data available to the whole design team. That in turn means better quality even more cost-efficiently.

In CADMATIC Electrical, the same information can be found in different places: circuit schemas, factory layouts, cabinet layouts, etc. The technology allows you to avoid mistakes, because a change made in one place is updated in real time to all of its occurrences in the project in question. In our opinion, there is no need for the designer to spend time on routine data updates; that task belongs to the CADMATIC Electrical design system.

The table-style user interface in the database offers a view of the whole project’s design data. This makes it possible to process and use all information created in the project through one view.

A project for one or many users – easy!

The team can use the same project-specific settings, product model libraries, product databases, information about the project equipment, etc. The project tree has centralised design data on the whole project available for the whole team in real time.


The tree-style Project Tree view improves design data management and reduces errors. With the real-time project tree view you

  • manage the project’s design data in a centralised way
  • find project information and stay on track about what is located where as the project progresses
  • have a centralised view of information on devices, and the connection information and product models of cables and their wires as well as individual wires, among other things
  • add design data imported from different applications into other document types
  • are always up to date on whether the design data in the CADMATIC Electrical drawings is already in use or if it still needs to be added.


Mass editing makes work more efficient

You can edit information such as cable types, IDs and device texts at the same time, either in the database or in Excel. The edited information is updated to all relevant occurrences throughout the whole project. This saves time and trouble and prevents mistakes.



CADMATIC Electrical suits different design processes

The database-based approach enables different types of design processes and controls the project’s design data from start to finish. You can start the design from different places, and the information can be completed or edited along the way using different applications, the project tree or the database.

CADMATIC Electrical has an open and intelligent Excel import feature. It allows you to import design data from outside the system and hand data back in Excel format. In reimporting, the system automatically compares the changed information and notifies the user using colour codes.

You can also import completed subsections of your old plans, both from the database and as drawings. They can easily be edited and integrated into a new project.


Additional information offers freedom from the limitations of the database

You can freely create new data fields for different aspects in the project database. The data fields are updated in the drawings with the desired attributes, and they can also be used in reports and data models.

For example, you can add process data, special information on the equipment, service areas, and procurement packages and other similar data that you can use to group data in the database or reports or transfer it further in the process to parties such as the principal designer. The specifications can be made individually or with area boundaries.

CADMATIC Electrical’s database also enables integrations into the customer’s other information systems. For example, you can use Excel files to import item code data etc. from external systems and export the project's design data to other systems (such as ERP, PDM, PLM etc.).


Reports and lists according to your requirements

You can generate various schemas and lists automatically from CADMATIC Electrical schemas or database (such as connection drawings for cables, wires or terminal strips, as well as device, cable and equipment identification plate lists). The reports can be generated directly into CADMATIC drawing files, or Excel or PDF files.

  • You can specify the data included in the finished list yourself
  • With the reporting tool, you can group and filter project information as needed
  • Create your own report templates or use the ones provided with the software
  • Multilingualism and open interfaces make integration into other information systems possible, in addition to versatile design data reporting.


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