Factory layouts and routing


Take advantage of the extensively developed BIM features in your designs. Thanks to the excellent compatibility, you can bring in the designs of the other parties involved in the project to help you, and use their data in the designs, such as the elevation data. You can design cable raceways, lighting, etc. in 2D/3D. You can pass on your designs in a certified IFC format (BIM).

• Cable raceways with one tool

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can draw and edit cable raceways dynamically in both 2D and 3D views. All cable raceways are drawn and edited using a single tool, which means that all options related to cable raceways can be seen and edited at a glance. The built-in real-time collision detection ensures that collisions with the other systems are already prevented during the drawing phase.


• Easy placement of devices and equipment

You can place all devices and equipment conveniently directly from the project tree, if they have already been set up in the project. You can place switchboards, enclosures, motors, luminaires, switches, wall sockets, etc. into the factory layout. You can do all this in either 2D or 3D.


• Versatile switchboard and group management

You can create or edit switchboards and groups in the installation drawing and the centre schema, as well as in group management and the project tree. Editing an object in one place updates all occurrences of that object throughout the whole project.


CADMATIC Electrical simulates the wiring of the whole project and automatically calculates the group lengths, short-circuit currents, outputs and voltage drops. Naturally, all main lines and branches between different floors are taken into account.

The software also analyses the project and carries out an electrotechnical check, and notifies the user if a cable length, short-circuit current or voltage drop exceeds the limitations. Versatile wiring functions and a cable database with information on thousands of cables make wiring design easier.


• BIM is created in real time

You can use the 2D or the 3D view for design, whichever you prefer. 3D and BIM are created in real time. As a company, CADMATIC is investing heavily in BIM. Among other things, we are actively involved in the international buildingSMART organisation.



• IFC import/export as standard

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can create a certified IFC electrical model efficiently. You can also use the data models of other parties as a basis for your own design or use them to check a combination model. The software includes IFC 2x3 data model import as standard.


• BIM means cooperation

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can use the IFC models of the other parties working on the design. CADMATIC Electrical always states the elevations in the 3D models designed by the other parties, which saves you from measuring the drawings needlessly. You will not design blind! Versatile elevation management and specification functions in 3D work make your electrical design easier.

  • Real-time collision detection in drawing cable raceways – prevent collisions in advance!
  • The fastest collision detection on the market directly in CADMATIC Electrical; the collision conditions and tolerances in collision detection can be specified by the customer.
  • BCF import/export – communication and error reporting tool with other design software
  • You can use the data models in other programs, such as Solibri Model Checker, Navisworks, etc.