CADS Rasta

CADMATIC Rasta makes it possible to use and process raster images in CAD software. With the software, you can generate hybrid drawings that combine a scanned image with a vector drawing generated with the CAD software.

CADMATIC Rasta makes the designer’s everyday work easier:

  • Versatile tools for preparing and processing raster images
  • Take advantage of old paper images in design

Using old paper images makes the design work faster and easier especially at renovation sites. CADMATIC Rasta makes it possible to import a scanned file, such as an architectural plan of a building, into CADMATIC Electrical and process it further.

•  Support for more than 20 raster formats

CADMATIC Rasta supports a large variety of different raster file formats. It understands more than 20 raster formats, such as TIFF, BMP, CALS and JPEG.

In addition, CADMATIC Rasta supports various compression formats. An image scanned by a scanning service, for example, can be saved into a highly compressed file – in TIFF formats such as Pack Bits, Modified Huffmann, Group III and IV as well as JPEG Tiff.

•  Versatile image processing functions

CADMATIC Rasta is more than just a raster image uploading program. It has versatile functions for processing raster images. You can align, rotate and scale raster images, if a scanned image needs to be adjusted to the real dimensions before CAD design.

The image can also be moved and straightened. Straightening is used when the image has become distorted during scanning, for example. The function also makes it possible to tilt a raster image into an axonometric model.

Unnecessary parts can be removed from the raster image – the desired area is outlined with dots and erased. The mirroring function makes it possible to mirror an image that has been scanned from the reverse surface of tracing paper into the correct position.