Document management

CADS DM -dokumenttienhallintajärjestelmä

When you want to manage your documents more efficiently, you can add the CADS DM document management system alongside CADS Electric. With CADS DM, you can manage all document files related to the project.

CADS DM especially helps those users who constantly need to maintain and manage documents. Its benefits are undeniable in fields such as maintenance and the manufacturing industry. With DM, you can ensure that everyone working on the project always has the latest design data available.

Project information is always up to date

The interface between CADS Electric and DM software means that the dialogue between them works better than ever. Thanks to the two-way data transfer, the project information is always up to date, regardless of whether you make the changes to the documents using CADS Electric or CADS DM.

You can print out reports (such as device, cable and connection lists) from CADS DM whenever you want, confident that you are always using the latest design data. You can also create ready-made queries or quick actions to make it easier to find documents. In addition, you can build data fields to meet your needs. The report generator delivered with the software offers the option to create customised lists.

Functional revisions

With CADS DM, you can also manage document revisions efficiently. Old documents are stored in the system, and it is always possible to go back to them when needed.

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