Jyrki Metsola

CADS is a comprehensive software package and design system for electrical and automation engineering. It is a tool designed for the user that always looks and feels like its user, and it gives more power to your work.

We understand the design environment of our customers and work in close cooperation with important actors in the field.

Carefully and together.
This is how we do it.

CADS is a safe choice. Our long-term experience, the needs of demanding customers and strong and continuous product development offer our customers an efficient design environment, both now and in the future.


kelloWe eradicate routine tasks for breakfast

Accuracy and saving the designer’s time are the cornerstones of our software design: When you take advantage of the powerful features of the software, you have more time left for the actual design work, which improves design quality. Therefore, we have focused on two issues: eradicating the routine work tasks and reducing potentially time-consuming mistakes.

It is extremely easy to step into the world of CADS. The operating logic is very familiar from other types of CAD software.  You get a wide range of features designed precisely for electrical and automation designers. And there is no need to worry, because our licence policy is predictable: our terms of use remain the same. This is what we are known for.

lamppuDesigning means understanding

We listen to our users and follow the general development of the design business so that we can develop our products further towards even more functional work. We help with problems, and increase the speed, efficiency, competitiveness and productivity of our customers’ work. We have noticed that by far the best way to do this is to understand our users. This is cooperation at its best.


KymdataKymdata Oy - We create a vision with our experience

We have worked with these issues for more than 30 years. Kymdata’s patient work can be seen in both the market share we have achieved as well as the trust and satisfaction of designers, and most of all, in the successful work of our customers.

Over the time, the operating environment and the demands of the design have changed drastically. As a result, our software also accommodates international needs and take many of the next steps of development in the field into account. 

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